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Many noms

Squig Frenzy

We went on a Squig Frenzy

Goblin whores

We pimped out gobbos

Kill Frenzy

GOA humped our server to Karak Norn and we changed our name to Kill Frenzy

The Blood Pact

It started with a Blood Pact on Karak Hirn
From obscure origins as a Chaos cult in the heathen fringes of the Empire, the Blood Pact became a notorious threat to all Mankind, for they were that rare combination: a fiercely disciplined military order with an unswerving loyalty to the ruinous daemon-gods of the warp.

Then a bloody great GOA demon turned up and buggered their home of Karak-Hirn... The Blood Pact were so enraged they launched into a Kill Frenzy of epic proportions.

Meanwhile after some Mythical failures, confusion and randomness, the Kill Frenzy got Force thrown into a Planar Rift and began to spread their pox to whole new universes...

Kill Frenzy is a gaming community focused on MMORPG gaming. We lean much more towards PvP (RvR) than PvE, but there's plenty of opportunity to get your PvE fix. We’re sort of half casual, half hardcore. As such we don’t expect people to do guild raids 24/7 like some WoW raid nazis, but on the nights we are doing stuff then we expect people to be professional and to kick arse. No fucking about. We’re a tight unit. KF members are old and ugly enough to know when to get their shit together.

The guild is full of older players and many of us are rather foul individuals. We do however know where to draw the line… If you don’t like a bit of foul banter this is not the guild for you. Likewise if you don’t know when to shut up or when you’re going too far, then you best go elsewhere. If you’re a whinging kiddie wanting to get all your l337 epixx yesterday, then go somewhere else.

If you want to have a laugh, in a friendly atmosphere, are not offended by dirty old men (and women) and want to kick seven shades of shit out of our enemies, then this is the place to be.

Archeage server: Dahuta